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North Korea’s leaders have been threatening the world with nuclear strikes and war for decades now, to the point that the international community has branded the small country as the Boy who Cried Wolf. In fact, world leaders are probably resistant to making peace talks effort with North Korea’s new leader Kim-Jong Un. While Kim-Jong Un’s international relations efforts might seem borderline delusional, in truth he is just partaking in negotiations tactics well-known and understood in North Korea. Everything from shutting down the business district at the border between South and North Korea to creating a map of cities in America. North Korea is supposedly considering to target are examples of North Korea’s negotiation strategies of brinkmanship, playing for time, and punuigi. While it’s doubtful any other world leaders want to take a page out of North Korea’s international mediation plan book, it’s essential for people to understand where North Korea is coming in an effort to move ahead peacefully.

Watch this fun, creative video below illustrating North Korea’s tactics.



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