Universal Consensus Associate Program Description

Company Profile:
Universal Consensus is a training and advisory firm that specializes in addressing cross-cultural problems in private and public organizations. We do this through our proprietary Business Model for Intercultural Analysis or BMIA™. For more information please visit our website.

Program Summary:
Universal Consensus Associate Program was created for graduate students to experience a 360-degree view of the company. Associates work directly with world-class consultants on a variety of domestic and international projects. The program also offers associates a unique chance to be a part of the growth story at Universal Consensus by assigning responsibilities that directly impact the company. This hands-on approach helps Associates develop skills to successfully advise clients on cross-cultural issues, manage core business processes, and potentially integrate into the company as a full-time consultant.

The Associates will assist the consultants and the executive team with all aspects of the business such as business development, marketing, administration, provide technical expertise, etc. After Associates become familiar with the BMIA™ and various business processes, they are encouraged to show initiative by taking on projects with guidance from the senior advisors.

 International experience; must have worked or assimilated with different cultures.
 Insight into the behavior and psychology of other cultures.
 Sound business knowledge and insight.
 Entrepreneurial in nature and ability to show initiative.
 Ability to work cross functionally.
 Demonstrate business fluency in English; multi-lingual preferred.
 Bachelor’s degree in business minimum.
 2-4 years work experience preferred.



This position is based in San Diego. Remote working is possible based on case-by-case situation. Initial period is 6 months, with possibility for extension or hire. Please send your resume and cover letter to Aditya Chinnareddy at Aditya@UniversalConsensus.com. Candidates will be assessed on a continual basis. The initial 6-month period is unpaid but with certain performance-based pay.

Associate Program by Universal Consensus


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