Retail Cross-Cultural Sales Solutions

In 2013, international tourists spent more than 180 billion dollars in the United States. The number of international tourists has been rising steadily over the last decade, and international tourists are now a vital retail customer segment. To fully explore this opportunity, retailers must understand how cultural differences impact successful customer service and sales techniques related to international visitors. Universal Consensus offers a broad set of solutions that enable retailers to successfully grow sales to international tourists as well as improving the customer experience. The Universal Consensus Retail Practice has developed a state of the art cloud-based Sales & Customer Service training program to help retail malls and brands effectively interact with and sell to international shoppers. Through the Retail Cross-Cultural Sales Training™, malls, and their retail brands gain insight into shopping behavior that differs across cultures and how to utilize this valuable information to significantly increase sales and improve the customer experience. Universal Consensus Retail Practice also offers onsite assessments, recruiting and onboarding tools, and other retail consulting services related to international tourists.

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