United States ConsulateThe U.S. State Department Speaker and Specialist Program is managed by the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP). IIP has gathered a premier roster of American industry experts to participate in the State Department Speaker and Specialist Program.

Denise Pirrotti Hummel, CEO and Founder of Universal Consensus, is among the team of experts chosen to represent the United States on the issue of cross-cultural assessment and training.  Upon embassy request, Ms Pirrotti Hummel can present anywhere in the world.

Our Solution

Universal Consensus draws upon its proprietary and empirically-tested Business Model of Intercultural Analysis© [BMIA™] to help individuals from other nations effectively interact.  Universal Consensus has helped businesses from outside the U.S. understand how to attract the American consumer. Foreign companies and governments have also enlisted Universal Consensus to help them refine their strategies for enhancing business opportunities with American companies.

Universal Consensus has cross-culturally trained businesses and government agencies that are either working with a culturally diverse workforce or serving customers and constituents from other nations.  This program gives businesses and government agencies the opportunity to learn the BMIA and use it to drive efficiencies.

The anticipated outcome depends on the objectives of the business or institution, but is generally designed to:

  • Enhance inter-cultural communication.
  • Improve conflict resolution across cultures.
  • Move all involved toward a “global mindset” that can be utilized in every aspect of service.
  • Demonstrate culturally neutral methods of presenting information.
  • Explain how culture impacts written and verbal communication.
  • Understand and apply the etiquette and protocol of a nation or culture, when appropriate.
  • Improve presentation skills geared for the target culture.

Our Difference

City building

Universal Consensus has successfully trained delegations worldwide, including Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and multiple African nations.

“Universal Consensus training made the entire trip to the United States worthwhile.  Our delegation intends to implement the program they have established with high hopes that it will make us more productive as we strive for peace and prosperity in our region.” – Mr. Abinadje Ag Abdallah, Mayor, City of Aljelhoc, Mali, Africa

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