Solutions for Campus Globalization

StrategyInternational student tuition constitutes important revenue for universities throughout the globe, yet one of the greatest and most urgent challenges is successfully integrating this important segment of the student population. Culture shock is a physiological phenomenon that adversely impact international students. Almost a third of international students fail to cope with culture shock, which significantly impacts their social and academic performance. This can lead to reduced retention rates and damaged academic brand reputation. Lack of international and domestic student integration can negatively impact domestic students as well, reducing campus collaboration and student morale, and can defeat the very purpose of international student exchange.

Most universities today have some cross-cultural component in their orientation as well as their business study programs, but many of these programs are inadequate or not achieving the intended results. Universal Consensus offers cloud-based international student integration programs that the international student can complete prior to beginning their overseas stay, as well as a campus onsite assessment program that will review your campus globalization strategy and generate easy-to-implement recommendations for how to improve campus international student integration. Keynote and facilitated workshops are also part of the Universal Consensus solution offerings.

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